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If you are looking for a way to use less chemicals then check out this recipe below for “no poo” the alternative to shampoo. DYC apple cider vinegar helps to condition your hair, reducing frizz by closing the hair cuticle. Also DYC apple cider vinegar helps to treat any dandruff […]

No poo – alternative to shampoo

OK so when was the last time you cleaned your spa filters??? DYC vinegar could be your new best friend. Not only is vinegar good at removing built up mineral deposits it also can kill mould spores too. So if you are looking for an economical way to clean your […]

Cleaning spa filters

Humidifier, heat pump and air-conditioning filters need regular cleaning to reduce the build up of soot, dirt, dust and other particles. Cleaning your filters with DYC white vinegar and water will also help to prevent bacterial build-up. Always check with your manufacturer and instructions first before attempting to clean filters.

Cleaning heat pump and air conditioning filters

If you have red feet and your skin appears to feel like it is burning, you may have athletes foot. Its typically found between the toes. Try this natural remedy to soothe and rid your feet of the infection.

Athletes foot

We hope you dont get stung, but if you do use DYC vinegar to soothe the sting (any variety will do).  Latest research from Toxins shows that Vinegar is the best remedy for stings including the common blue bottle jellyfish. For any stings you are concerned about or extreme reactions […]

Soothe Jellyfish Stings

How to clean food covers
Here’s a tip on how to clean your food covers. The DYC vinegar helps to remove any stains and also as flying insects and ants dont like vinegar, longer term it will help to keep insects away. Dont worry once dried you wont smell the vinegar, but the insects still […]

How to clean food covers

This scrub smells delicious, the strawberries contain vitamin c that aids in cell regeneration as well as the seeds which provide gentle exfoliation. The vinegar helps to absorb extra oil from the skin and clean the pores.

Exfoliation Scrub