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Does your table feel a bit sticky, even though you have wiped it down??? It could be a build up of silicon from commercial cleaners. Try this to remove the build up. Once the build up has been removed you can clean and polish with our natural furniture polish – […]

Removing stickiness from tables

If you have a few light scratches in your furniture, you might want to try this technique before you attempt re-sanding. First of all remove any wax that is on the furniture. This can be from years of polishes which contain silicon products. Sometimes your scratch might even disappear at […]

How to fix scratches in wooden furniture

Here’s a homemade polish that will clean and protect your furniture & it doesn’t attract lots of dust! This kind of polish is best used on furniture that has an oiled finish rather than a shiny varnish and furniture that doesnt have a sticky feeling (waxy build up). Always do […]

Furniture Polish

Make your own hand sanitiser at home with DYC vinegar! Soap and water should be your first choice for sanitizing your hands. If this isnt available then sanitizing your hands with santizier is a good idea. Vinegar is very effective at killing bacteria and the flu virus – see link […]

Hand sanitizer

OK so when was the last time you cleaned your spa filters??? DYC vinegar could be your new best friend. Not only is vinegar good at removing built up mineral deposits it also can kill mould spores too. So if you are looking for an economical way to clean your […]

Cleaning spa filters

Humidifier, heat pump and air-conditioning filters need regular cleaning to reduce the build up of soot, dirt, dust and other particles. Cleaning your filters with DYC white vinegar and water will also help to prevent bacterial build-up. Always check with your manufacturer and instructions first before attempting to clean filters.

Cleaning heat pump and air conditioning filters

How to clean food covers
Here’s a tip on how to clean your food covers. The DYC vinegar helps to remove any stains and also as flying insects and ants dont like vinegar, longer term it will help to keep insects away. Dont worry once dried you wont smell the vinegar, but the insects still […]

How to clean food covers

If you have some bird poop that needs to be cleaned, try DYC Apple Cider Vinegar. Not only does it clean up well it also is a deterrent for birds, so you may in the long term have less to clean up! Not recommended for use on car paint work […]

Remove bird droppings

Try this easy technique for getting rid of stale smelling odours from your car. It is also a good idea to try and prevent odours in the first place by ensuring there are no leaks in your car. For bad smelling carpet, try sprinkling with baking soda and vacuuming up.

Fresh smelling car