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Make your own hand sanitiser at home with DYC vinegar! Soap and water should be your first choice for sanitizing your hands. If this isnt available then sanitizing your hands with santizier is a good idea. Vinegar is very effective at killing bacteria and the flu virus – see link […]

Hand sanitizer

DYC apple cider vinegar soothes and reduces skin inflammation and has antimicrobial properties. Treat heat rashes, nappy rash, yeast infections and minor skin irritations try this treatment. Either apply in a bath or using cotton balls or a cloth. Do not use on broken skin. If symptoms do not improve […]

Rash treatment

If you are looking for a way to use less chemicals then check out this recipe below for “no poo” the alternative to shampoo. DYC apple cider vinegar helps to condition your hair, reducing frizz by closing the hair cuticle. Also DYC apple cider vinegar helps to treat any dandruff […]

No poo – alternative to shampoo

If you have red feet and your skin appears to feel like it is burning, you may have athletes foot. Its typically found between the toes. Try this natural remedy to soothe and rid your feet of the infection.

Athletes foot

We hope you dont get stung, but if you do use DYC vinegar to soothe the sting (any variety will do).  Latest research from Toxins shows that Vinegar is the best remedy for stings including the common blue bottle jellyfish. For any stings you are concerned about or extreme reactions […]

Soothe Jellyfish Stings

This scrub smells delicious, the strawberries contain vitamin c that aids in cell regeneration as well as the seeds which provide gentle exfoliation. The vinegar helps to absorb extra oil from the skin and clean the pores.

Exfoliation Scrub

Here’s how to remove warts on hands and feet using DYC Apple Cider Vinegar. Cautions: Do not apply to broken skin. You should feel a slight tingle but not an intense burning when the Apple Cider Vinegar is applied. If your skin is sensitive you can try diluting with half […]

Wart removal