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If your coffee isnt tasting as it should, chances are that your coffee machine hasnt been cleaned in a while. As all coffee machines are not built equally do check with your manufacturer if vinegar is suitable to use on your coffee machine. Generally if the parts of your machine […]

How to clean your coffee machine

When your scissors get sticky or grimy wipe them with down with a cloth dipped in full strength DYC white vinegar and dry them with a cloth. The vinegar will help break down any grime and act as a natural germ inhibitor. Washing scissors with water is more likely to […]

Cleaning scissors

Learn how to clean your fridge with natural ingredients and get rid of fridge odours. Also some great tips for making the most of freezer storage. Freezer storage guide: FRUIT    most fruit can be stored for 8 – 12 months. Longer impairs quality but they will still be safe […]

Clean your Fridge

As minerals deposits build up in your kettle it can become louder (particularly if it has an exposed element). You may also notice white mineral deposits on the inside. Here is an easy way to remove these deposits. To clean the outside of your kettle try DYC multipurpose cleaner.

Noisy or dirty kettle