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Chlorine can be harsh on swimwear and once you have a pair of togs you love its best to protect them before you start wearing them. Try this technique below to help to set colours in your new swimwear and make them last longer.

Longer lasting swimwear

If you have some smelly sports gear, try this to get rid of those smells. Its a good idea to wash sports gear in cold or warm water as hot water can set in smells. If you can, hang out sports gear once you have worn it rather than let […]

Smelly clothes

Make your own natural cleaner using this easy recipe which smells great. This great multi purpose cleaner works well for spot cleaning or general cleaning of walls, kitchen cabinets, skirting boards, ceilings, stainless steel benches and appliances, sinks, tile splashbacks, inside fridges and freezers, heated towel rails, venetian blinds and shutters […]

Multipurpose cleaner

Did you know that your iron needs to be cleaned? Mineral deposits build up in your iron especially when unfiltered water is used. These deposits can mark freshly laundered clothes. Regular cleaning of your iron will help prevent the frustration this can cause and make your iron more efficient. If […]

Cleaning your iron

Most of us take our washing machine for granted, believing that washing clothes is enough to keep it clean. You will be shocked to see what your washing machine harbours under agitators and in filters. These are easy to undo and clean or try this instead for a solution to […]

Clean your washing machine