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It’s not a kiwi Christmas without a decadent pavlova. Here is a recipe that incorporates tropical flavours and fresh mint for a change. For our strawberry pavlova recipe visit here. Tips: Use room temperature eggs, ensure that the mixing bowl is clean, total mixing time for the egg whites should […]

Ultimate Christmas Tropical Pavlova

If you feel like a little bit of cake, but don’t want to make a large cake, try this recipe for mini chocolate cakes. They freeze well, so you can pop some in the freezer for later. For a decadent treat cut in half and fill with raspberry jam and […]

Chocolate love cakes

This is a simple kiwi Pavlova recipe, crunchy on the outside and marshmallow on the inside.   Tips: Have egg whites at room temperature. This gives a better volume when the whites are beaten. Make sure the bowl is clean and grease free otherwise the egg whites will not beat […]